Why are CPAs able to practice out-of-state?

We are frequently asked if we serve out-of-state clients, why Certified Public Accountants (CPA) can practice in other states, and what the requirements are. 

A”CPA license” means a license granted by the state board after all education, exams, and experience requirements have been met. Before 2006, CPAs had to obtain additional licenses from out-of-state boards to practice in those states. However, due to the ever-changing marketplace, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountant (AICPA) and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) started a nationwide initiative. This initiative encouraged all states to pass laws requiring a CPA license to work the same way a driver’s license works. For consulting, accounting, and tax services provided by a CPA, they would only have to obtain one license in their principal state of business and use that license to work across state lines. Staying up-to-date with yearly continuing education courses to maintain the license is also part of the requirement.

Continuous learning is exciting to us! Not only do we stay-up-to-date with continuing education courses to maintain our CPA license, but we also invest in coaching and training programs that allow us to fine-tune our professional, technical and business skills. Making these investments give us the opportunity to provide the best collaboration with our clients by focusing on the latest technologies and financial wellness tools that will make life and finances as easy as possible for you.

A skilled CPA for Psychotherapists focuses on the unique needs of your practice and understand your day-to-day challenges because of our close interactions with other clinicians who are mindfully caring for their practice. We design specialized financial reports we use for your practice just as you use clients’ therapy notes for evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment planning. We analyze the financial health of your practice and perform stress-free, money saving tax planning so you can minimize taxes while generating the appropriate revenue mix. In addition, we provide “best practice” guidance on how other practices are doing in the psychotherapy private practice field. One of our main goals is to provide business financial education that will give you choices to make informed decisions about your practice’s finances.

So YES, we love collaborating with in-state and Out-of-State practice owners! Our CPA firm is located in Massachusetts, but 63% of our clients are out-of-state. 

Schedule your 40-minute discovery call to share with us what’s important to you! We’d love to learn about your practice and give you specific, actionable steps to improve your business’s financial health.

Schedule your 40-minute discovery call to share with us what’s important to you
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