The CPA for Psychotherapists Values

Getting the best financial wellness tools means making choices that allow you to enjoy life and work.

We love collaborating with psychotherapists because of how you care for our communities' mental and emotional wellness.

We want to make life and your finances as easy as possible for you.

Our Purpose

We help ambitious psychotherapists build sustainable, profitable businesses through our financial wellness solutions so you get the supportive care you need while helping your clients.


Running a business is lonely at times. We're at our best in a supportive community.


Building long-lasting relationship is our motto, so you have a place to be yourself.

Intentional direction

Continuous learning is exciting to us. Creating the space to realize our action begins with direction and is powered with intention. We appreciate living in the moment while looking ahead with our short-term and future goals.


Our foundation is built on open communication that fosters trust. We focus on the "whys" before the "hows."


We care about our client's well-being. We're on your side at each stage of your journey.

Having fun

We enjoy running our business through work-life harmonization. We want the same for you!

Hi, I’m Felicia. I’m a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Money Coach. I help ambitious psychotherapists and coaches build sustainable, profitable businesses so you can focus on helping your clients.
I’m passionate about helping business owners and believe education is one of the biggest factors in financial success for businesses and individuals. I do this by providing financial wellness tools to educate my clients on their business and personal finances while providing insightful advice that enables them to make informed decisions.
According to a National Financial Capability Study, over 50% of American adults feel anxious when thinking about finances. Another research found that less than a third (30%) of Americans feel comfortable with the amount of knowledge they have about managing finances.
I’m excited to CHANGE that with you!
I collaborate with small business owners to promote the growth, stability, and protection of their businesses by helping them streamline their processes, clarify finances, ensure compliance and ultimately achieve growth.
Before starting my firm, I worked in the auditing and accounting department at Ernst & Young, one of the “Big Four” accounting firms in the U.S., and for other regional and local firms in New England in the tax and accounting area. I have the privilege to serve on the finance committee of the Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts.
When I’m not working, you’ll find me baking allergy-friendly desserts, volunteering in my community, and spending quality time with my 4-year-old daughter, 6-year-old son, and husband.
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My Massachusetts CPA license allows me to practice in all 50 states and U.S. territories. I’m an active member of the following professional organizations

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