We’ve the best financial wellness tools to protect your business journey

A big part of staying healthy is linked to financial wellness. According to the American Psychological Association, sixty-nine percent of people attribute their stress to money. 

In another study done by the Financial Planning Association, 73% of people with clear financial goals said they had lower stress levels. It has also been found time and time again that businesses that plan and seek professional advice from the outset have a significantly greater chance of being very successful. 

Creating the space to use the best financial wellness tools for your goals will affect your overall well-being and happiness, pushing you in a positive direction. Financial wellness is the ability to have a healthy financial life while having the financial freedom to make choices that allow you to enjoy life and work.

We want you to have the financial freedom that allows you to enjoy life and work. Check out how we’re on your side at each stage of your journey.

Dream & Create Stage 

We focus on building a solid foundation by first understanding your passion for being your boss to knowing your end goal. A feasible plan is mapped out on how to hit the ground running. Identifying the entity structure (Sole Proprietor, LLC, PLLC vs. S Corporation) that is right for your business impacts the amount of taxes paid, how your practice is legally protected, and how you are paid. Evaluating your business legal structure gives you the choice to intentionally choose how to protect your practice from harm and control the amount of taxes paid.  

A vital component of unshakable financial stability is setting up your business books in the most efficient and effective ways. We guide you on the accounting system that best fits your needs with procedures to perform and complete the bookkeeping tasks of your practice. Tools put in place will give you accurate and healthy-decision-driving data while increasing your confidence.

Need help understanding the language of your business? We’re here for you through our monthly mentoring meetings to help you confidently start or run your practice. Each month, we dive into accounting, business, and tax topics that will guide your journey to create the financial stability you desire.

Talking about money is taboo in our society, yet money decisions are made every day, and it affects our financial situation, which in turn affects our behavior and feelings. The emotions that may come up are fear, guilt, shame, and anxiety—unresolved money challenges from childhood to present influence mental, emotional, physical, and financialhealth. We’re excited to change this with you! We provide tools to help you understand your underlying patterns and behaviors around money through our behavioral money coaching. Therapists who have gone through this life-changing process stated how it has internally changed how they truly feel about money and overall abundance.

Grow & Manage Stage

Expanding clientele base, purchasing an office building, or offering additional services like coaching while aiming for work-life harmonization requires intentional planning. Get the guidance on the processes you need so you can enjoy financial freedom.

Building the proper foundation for the bookkeeping task of your practice at the Dream and Create stage allows you not to have false data. Going beyond bookkeeping sheds light on how you are doing with your goals or if your expectations are being met. A business owner can really lean into the stories of their practice during the accounting process.   

During our collaboration, we’ll meet regularly to discuss the financial health of your business, and you’ll get valuable insights into your business data for smart decision-making with no jargon.

Get guidance on how trends are affecting your practice. Meaningful insights you’ll get are:

  • Reviewing and analyzing your client retention (attendance) rate give you great insights into what factors to consider, improve upon, and strategize to have a high retention rate. Client retention is the means of providing continual supportive care over a defined period. A higher client retention rate equates to clients returning to use your service, bringing in a continual revenue flow per client.


  • Gross profit is the money your practice makes after deducting the direct costs (your pay and clinical staff pay) you incurred to provide therapy sessions. Gross profit is an essential financial metric because it is a good indicator of how well your practice uses its staff to generate profit.


  • Deep analysis of revenue per therapist is one way to measure staff productivity and drill down the numbers to calculate each therapist’s average revenue per month, day, or session. If you are thinking about adding another clinician to your team, this powerful metric will shed light on whether it is financially workable to add one at the moment.


  • Cash flow management is the process of tracking how much money is coming into and out of a practice. Cash flow provides evidence-based data on the real health of a business. For a business to survive, it has to have adequate cash on hand to pay expenses like payroll and meet short- and long-term goals. Our cash flow management tools will help you spot trends, prepare for the future, and tackle any problems with your cash flow.


  • Stress-free, money-saving tax planning and projection are among the most significant yet often overlooked financial wellness tools. Money-saving tax planning and projection are completed before preparing your business and personal tax returns. It is done throughout the year in which strategies are implemented before December 31st to reduce taxes owed legally. Overpaying taxes can diminish cash you could have used to grow your practice, pay your staff or save for your retirement contributions. Every self-employed psychotherapist’s tax is unique. We’ll meet regularly with you by being proactive throughout the year to review your current finances, short-term and future goals while designing a worry-free, tax savings game plan to avoid surprises and save money.


Exit Stage

Succession or exit planning gives you the “peace of mind for the business you’ve worked so hard to build.” Retirement may not be on the horizon but designing a blueprint to retire from your business successfully adds a layer of protection to your future income, employees, and clients. From our comprehensive interactions and knowledge of your business and personal tax situation, we provide expert advice on minimizing taxes when it is time to sell or close your business. 

At whatever stage you are in, it’s important to know we are here for you to protect your journey. You’re not in this alone. We have many years of helping ambitious psychotherapists build successful businesses, and we provide valuable resources to help make life and work as easy as possible for you.

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